How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a key feature of an Asian skincare routine. These thin fabric sheets are saturated in a hydrating essence and other beneficial ingredients to deliver an instant pick-me-up load of goodness to your skin. By keeping its moisture against your skin for an extended period of time, sheet masks can intensely hydrate and revitalise – much like how the 7-skin method works.

And while using a sheetmask is as simple as removing it from its sachet and leaving it on your face, we’ve figured out some ways to get even more out of your sheet masks. These are our favourite sheet mask hacks!


Use it after serums

Where do sheet masks belong in your routine? Most instructions will tell you to use it on a clean face, after cleansing and toning, which is good – masks work best on clean, bare skin. But for an extra oomph, try using it after your essence or serum layer!

The logic is simple: hydrated skin absorbs products better, and a sheet mask hydrates like nothing else. Besides that, sheet masks are formulated with special ingredients that enhance ingredient penetration and also prevent evaporation, according to beauty blogger Fiddy Snails. So take advantage of a sheet mask’s unique properties to make sure your skin really absorbs your precious serums and essences.


Use a silicon mask

This creepy looking contraption has a simple function. You wear it over your sheet mask!


The silicon mask forms an airtight barrier over the sheet mask on your face, and prevents the essence-y goodness in your sheet masks from evaporating into the air. Less essence lost to the air = more for you! As an added bonus, the seal also keeps your sheet mask in place so you can actually move around and get things done without worrying about your mask falling off! With benefits like that, who cares if it makes you look like a blobfish.

These silicon masks are washable, reusable, and available at Daiso or online!


Cut to fit

A bad-fitting sheet mask can be uncomfortable and ruin the whole experience. Depending on the manufacturer and your face, you might find that some sheet masks have eye, nose, or mouth holes that are too small, or perhaps the entire sheet mask is too big, causing air bubbles and a loose fit. Don’t worry, you can customise the fit of your mask with these simple hacks.

If the holes are too small, expand them by snipping the corners with scissors. This will loosen the fit.


To widen small holes, snip at the corners.


If the entire mask is too big for you, get around it by cutting the mask in half from ear to ear. This way, you can pull the strips of masks across your face to fit perfectly against your skin!

For a better fit, cut the mask in half so you can stretch the sections across your face.


Combine it with a honey mask

Honey is great for your skin, but it can get a little messy, especially in warmer temperatures. Nobody wants honey dripping off their face and all over the place! The solution? After spreading a thin layer of honey on your face, seal it all in with a sheet mask. The mask will keep the honey in place and also deliver extra hydration. Win win!



Don’t leave it on too long

Hands up – who else here has left a sheet mask on past the recommended 20 – 30 minutes in the instructions? Because we have! The longer you wear it, the more use you get out of it, right? Not really!! Fight your Malaysian kiamsap-ness and don’t leave on your mask until it’s totally dry. The dryness can irritate your skin and pull moisture out of it, which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do!

If your mask is still damp after 30 minutes, take it off and swipe it across your neck, chest, arms, legs — you get the idea. You can do the same with the leftover essence in the packet too!


Use it cold or warm

Get creative with your sheet masks and they’ll do more than just give you glowing skin. For instance, just change the temperature at which you use them! Keep some masks in the fridge, and use it cold. This feels amazing if you have a headache, or just need to cool down or reduce any puffiness.

Remember how divine those warm eye packs feel on your face at the spa? You can also soak a sheet mask (in its packet!!) in a bowl of hot water to create a warm mask. Just be careful – if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for your face. A slightly wam sheet mask on your face will feel great if you’re feeling a little congested with the flu.


Create your own sheet mask

(Source: Muji)

Sheet masks are popular because of the vast variety of essences they come soaked in. From pore refining to brightening, there’s a sheet mask for everyone! But if you have an essence or toner you really like, you can turn it into your own personalised sheet mask! You can either purchase these mask pellets – soak them in essence and they unfold into a full-sized sheet mask – or try the Japanese lotion-cotton pad masking technique.

Just be sure to look for really thin mask pellets and cotton that saturates easily to avoid wasting your toner. You can find everything you need at Muji.

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