How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sheet Masks

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Sheet masks are a key feature of an Asian skincare routine. These thin fabric sheets are saturated in a hydrating essence and other beneficial ingredients to deliver an instant pick-me-up load of goodness to your skin. By keeping its moisture against your skin for an extended period of time, sheet masks can intensely hydrate and revitalise – much like how the 7-skin method works.

And while using a sheetmask is as simple as removing it from its sachet and leaving it on your face, we’ve figured out some ways to get even more out of your sheet masks. These are our favourite sheet mask hacks!


1. Use it after serums

Where do sheet masks belong in your routine? Most instructions will tell you to use it on a clean face, after cleansing and toning, which is good – masks work best on clean, bare skin. But for an extra oomph, try using it after your essence or serum layer!

The logic is simple: hydrated skin absorbs products better, and a sheet mask hydrates like nothing else. Besides that, sheet masks are formulated with special ingredients that enhance ingredient penetration and also prevent evaporation, according to beauty blogger Fiddy Snails. So take advantage of a sheet mask’s unique properties to make sure your skin really absorbs your precious serums and essences.

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