Revealed: How to Get Skin as Perfect as a Korean Actress

We asked SK-II Ambassador Lee Yeon Hee for all her MAJOR beauty secrets!


“I am pleased to discover that by starting early with SK-II, I am preparing a good foundation for my skin in years to come as the Skin Destiny Study has revealed,” Lee adds. Well, but that’s not the only secret she has to her beautiful skin. We caught up with the Miss Korea actress on her recent trip to KL and managed to score some of her beauty secrets!

Is there anything special you include in your diet to maintain your skin?

Lee Yeon Hee (LYH): There’s nothing special; I’ll just take vitamins but now there’s a special diet program that’s ‘in’ at the moment in Korea. It’s called the detox program where they take a lot of detox juice so I’ll also be trying it out soon.

What is your everyday beauty regime and how do you take care of your skin when you have a busy schedule?

LYH: Most of the time, I just make sure to cleanse. And then I use the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence; after that, I would moisturise and also use an eye cream. Those are my basics. When I’m on the go, I like to put the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into a bottle – like a mist bottle – and spray it onto my face from time to time.

What makeup would you never leave the house without?

LYH: Sun cream and BB cream.

What’s your first memory of taking care of your skin and how old were you?

LYH: I actually have a lot of older sisters so I don’t know when it happened. It just naturally did because I started using their products. And then through time, I realised that when I was younger, I didn’t really care much for my skin until my 20s; that’s when I realised that I have to start taking care of it.

Any Korean beauty tips to share?

LYH: I think Korean women really emphasise on natural beauty, but currently what’s in trend is that they like to put a lot of emphasis on the eyes.


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