Find Out Just How Different Korean And Indian Makeup Is With This Video

It’s always interesting to see two different makeup styles contrasted against one another. One comparison that’s popular on Youtube is the classic “Korean vs Western” video, in which a makeup artist shows what the two makeup styles look like on different halves of the same face. 

Now, Indian Youtuber Jovita George has put together an Indian vs Korean makeup comparison video, which I think may just be the first of its kind! It’s also interesting to see what Korean-style makeup looks like on a dark-skinned person compared to more traditional Indian-style makeup.


And more than just using different makeup techniques, Jovita also made sure to use Korean and Indian cosmetics on the corresponding halves of her face, since cosmetics are often formulated to suit the predominant makeup style in the countries they’re made for.

Here’s what went into both looks:


In terms of skin finishes, Korean and Indian makeup couldn’t be any more different! While the famous dewy glow of Korean makeup is well-known, Indian makeup prefers a completely matte finish, which is probably a reflection on the starkly different climate in both countries.

For a glowing, dewy finish on her Korean side, she uses an illuminating primer, while she goes all out with mattifying primer and powder for a perfectly matte base.


While the light wash of shimmery eyeshadow Korean-style actually looks quite heavy on its own, but next to the perfectly-winged out, kohl-lined Indian-style eye, it fades into non-existence!

A couple of viewers also noticed that the eyeliner, or kohl, that Jovita used on her Indian side seemed quite different from the ones usually found outside India.

“Indian kohl/kajal is very creamy and smooth, and very smokey, smudgy (just like how Indian grandmothers used to make it),” explained a Reddit user. “Lakme kohl/kajal is a pretty common/popular Indian drugstore eyeliner if you ever manage to get your hands on it!”


Jovita makes her Korean-style cheeks pop with a bright pink cream blush, patted on the apples of her cheeks, and lots of liquid highlighter! For her Indian side, she uses a matte blush powder in a deep rusty-orange shade for a more chiselled look.


For lips, Jovita pits the sheer gradient lip against the deeper solid colours preferred in India, and both look great!

And here’s the finished look!

What do you think? Which side is more your style? But as Jovita notes, the beauty of makeup is that you don’t have to stick to any one style. You can just pick the best elements of all styles, according to what you like and what suits your face!

Be sure to watch the full video here for more details: