This Is The Best Way To Wear Makeup At The Gym

Seriously – hear us out.

There’s plenty of reason to wear makeup at the gym. Sometimes we just need that little bit of eyeliner to feel presentable. It’s not that much different from brushing your hair, right?

Yes, we’ve all heard that wearing makeup while you sweat is bad for your skin, and it is. But that only refers to potentially skin-smothering foundation. A bit of eyebrow product or eyeliner isn’t going to do any harm.

Whatever you reasons may be, here are some genius tips for safe, long-lasting gym makeup from our favourite K-beauty guru Pony! Of course, these techniques are also great for helping makeup last in our hot, humid weather or for creating a really natural no-makeup look!

These are our favourite tips we learned from Pony:

1. Base

If you must wear a base product to the gym, it should not clog pores or be coloured – lest you start dripping skin-coloured sweat and dirty the gym equipment, says Pony. So the solution? A moisturising day cream with brightening properties to illuminate your natural skintone, while still letting your skin sweat and breathe freely. It’s more skincare than makeup! If you need concealer, aim for a cream formulation rather than liquid. Use a brush to apply as little as possible just to cover what’s needed.


2. Eyebrows

People with sparser brows might find that they can’t skip doing their brows, Pony notes. But making it last through a sweaty gym session can be tricky. After much testing, Pony found the perfect solution: eyebrow tattoo tints – the sort that supposedly tints your brows for days. The key is to absorb the pigment with a small brush and then draw your eyebrows with it. Because it’s a tattoo-type tint, it stays in place despite all the sweat and heat.


3. Cheeks

You know how your face gets hot when you exercise? It’ll melt off any cream or powder blushes, so use a sheer tint or stain! Of course, you can skip this if you naturally get flushed, but it’s a great step for those who need a little colour to look alive. If you want to contour (because why not) , avoid powder as it’ll melt off immediately. A cream or stick formula is best as it really adheres to skin. Pick a small amount up with a brush and apply where needed.


4. Eyes
Curled lashes and mascara go a long way. For a natural look, use clear mascara. It’ll hold the curl without looking like makeup.

To add definition to your eyes without looking like you’re wearing eyeliner, you’ll need a brown liquid liner. Pony calls this her “parallel eyeliner” technique. First, lightly line the inside corner of your upper lashline. Then make small lines perpendicular to to your upper lash line, as though you’re filling in the gaps between your lashes. Then, slightly line the outer corners, and smudge slightly with a brown pencil.


5. Lips

Normal lipstick will fade as you sweat and drink water, so use the longest-lasting tint you can find! Apply a thin layer of a pigmented red tint for a natural, lasting look.

6. Hair

Use clear mascara to keep flyaway hairs in place because heat melts away hairspray. Who knew!

And the most important gym makeup tip of all: don’t let anybody shame you for it. Your reasons for wearing (or not wearing) makeup are your own, so rock your decision either way!