8 Taiwanese Beauty Brands You’ll Want to Try Now!

Lovers of J- and K- Beauty, there’s a new force of beauty in town that’s set to dominate our drugstore shelves (and more)! The buzzword on the lips of every beauty maven worth her mascara is Taiwanese Beauty.

Taiwanese beauty brand sexylook

SexyLook Black Head Pore Cleanser Set

Still a relatively small player in Malaysia, compared with its Japanese and Korean counterparts, Taiwanese beauty brands like Naruko, Neogence, Sexylook, and Dr Wu are slowly but surely developing a loyal local following. We’ve seen Taiwan’s national top selling mask and skincare specialist Naruko’s products fly off the shelves at our local drugstores. Signature skincare products from Dr Wu and Neogence, available exclusively at Sasa, are consistently on the store’s bestseller list. Then there are the T-Beauty brands available online that have developed a cult following simply because customers love the efficacy of the products, like Swissvita.

Find out more about our favourite Taiwanese beauty brands and their signature products below:


Founder Niu’er launched Naruko after seven years of stringent research and development. Before that, he had spent 20 years studying ingredients in skincare products. His vision for his home-grown Taiwanese beauty brand was for every product to be natural, free of parabens, artificial preservatives, artificial colouring and fragrance. He also wanted his brand to be animal cruelty-free. One of Naruko’s signature products is the Raw Job’s Tears Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Night Jelly. It is highly recommended for sensitive and oily skin types as well as sunburnt skin and those with freckles, dark spots or uneven skin tone. You’ll be able to find Naruko products including the Raw Job’s Tears range at Watsons.


Taiwan’s leading dermatologist brand, Dr Wu Clinical Skincare, was founded in 2004 by the ‘Godfather’ of Taiwan’s beauty industry, Dr. Ying-Ching Wu – a well-known dermatologist with over 40 years of experience. The ‘Godfather’ monicker was awarded to Dr Ying as he was the first to introduce cosmeceutical beauty where he combined skin treatments with beauty solutions to patients in his clinic. The Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare range today is a legacy of Dr Ying’s unique approach to beauty, and continues to develop medically-researched products based on the latest discoveries in Science, Biotechnology and Cosmetics.The Immuno-Whitening Serum is one of Dr. Wu’s star products. It contains five advanced patented technologies that act on the different steps of melanin synthesis by blocking the composition of tyrosinase at the source. Best for dull and sensitive skin. Get your Dr Wu fix at Sasa outlets.

Targeted at fashionable young women looking for quality products at an affordable price, the Miss Hana line of makeup is easy to apply and fun to use. Its makeup products like the Voluptuous Triple Coloured Lipstick help its users achieve the latest Asian makeup trends without requiring much skill. While the Miss Hana Bonjour Lip Plumping Gloss Duo, a creamy gloss with two applicators, a soft, cottony applicator for natural lustre and a silicon brush for better control and higher shine is gimmicky, it’s tongue-in-cheek and playful, just like the brand. Get Miss Hana at: hermo.my and Miss Hana Malaysia

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Founder Dr. Morita is from a privileged Taiwanese family that has owned the Morita Department Store since 1935. In 2000, Dr. Morita set up his own research centre in Japan and  developed his first products – a line of facial masks. He later returned to Taiwan to expand his business in 2004 where he soon became a household name. Dr. Morita is set to make inroads into Malaysia with his popular line of masks. One to try: DR.MORITA’s Intensive Moisture Mask, now available in Watsons Malaysia.


In 2005, a team of Taiwanese experts in dermatology, pharmacology and biomedical technology combined forces to create a highly efficient range of products designed to quickly, safely and effectively address skin problems.

The attention to biomedical technology, efficacy and quick action has elevated this solution-based skincare range to cult status. One of its star products, Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence (30ml), introduces a high concentration of premium grade hyaluronic acid so it’s like a much-needed drink for your skin. You’ll be able to find Neogence in Sasa outlets.

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Sexylook is Taiwan’s Number One producer of 3-D masks. The brand is also known for their signature black cotton masks which have an extremely soft yet strong texture. Their blackhead treatment products are well-known too and worth checking out. Sexylook’s Top Selling Mask Pack (10 pcs) shown in pic, has eight variants. Each mask comes with an extra flap that covers the neck and secures behind the ears.


1028 Visual Therapy was created by Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist Xiao Kai on the 28th of October 2008 (get the significance of the number on the brand? :) ). The brand is young, exciting and trendy. Our fave of the moment is the Macaron Eyes 6-shade Eyeshadow Kit.

Swissvita is yet another cosmeceutical brand that promises effective results – no invasive surgery  required! Considering it’s a cosmeceutical brand, its price point is a pleasant surprise – having said that, most if not all the products featured here are priced well for the quality you’ll get. The brand’s signature range is its Micrite 3D selection where you’ll find the key products quickly snapped up at hermo.my.

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