6 Korean Beauty Gurus to Follow on Youtube

Keep up to date with the latest K-beauty trends with these ladies!

When it comes to makeup and beauty rituals, the South Koreans are in a league of their own. So many trending beauty tips and tricks have come from Korea — for example, the famously extensive Korean skincare routine, and makeup trends like aegyo sal, gradient lips, and the puppy eye. So what’s the best way to keep up with the trends and master the techniques if you’re a fan?

We suggest you give these Korean beauty gurus (don’t worry, English subtitles included!) a follow on Youtube to stay updated and inspired.

Check out the list:

1. PONY’s Makeup

You’ve probably heard of or seen Pony on the web. She’s one of the biggest Korean beauty guru on Youtube – and for good reason! As a professional makeup artist, Pony creates some of the most flawless, beautiful makeup looks we’ve ever seen. Best of all, she’s full of educational tips that have really upped our make up game. Pony now has over 2 million subscribers and her own makeup brand, called PONY EFFECT.

She’s also done Hollywood celebrity makeup transformations from Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift and the results are well…you’ve got to see it for yourself. Hint: Uncanny at first glance!

2. Dayeong’s Beauty drawing

With her cat-like eyes, Dayeong makes easy to follow step-by-step makeup tutorials. We really appreciate her clear instructions and detailed explanations behind her product choices and applications. She often includes her own twists on basic techniques, like filling in the brows naturally and two toning your lip colours.


Ches not only does beautiful makeup tutorials but she does a lot of tutorials showing you the techniques to master the basics from drawing the brows to lining the eyes. What we love about her is the wearability of her makeup looks. In true Korean style, it’s beautifully subtle with a touch of strategically-placed colour for an accent.

4. The Beauty Breakdown

If you’re also a Korean skincare buff, then Morgan’s the girl. Always bubbly, listening to her is like having a close friend share her major love for all things K-beauty. Being half Korean herself, she’ll make videos on tapping on the latest Korean beauty trends out there and showing us how to wear them. Her approach is always accessible, so with her makeup tips and product reviews, you’ll have no problem donning the trends for everyday wear.


Looking for something dramatic? Have a click through SSIN’s channel. She does some serious makeup transformations from looking like K-pop stars and celebrity to teaching you how to lose 5kg with makeup! (Or look like it, anyway!) But she doesn’t just do extreme makeup looks, she’s also got many helpful practical videos that’ll teach you ways to clean your makeup sponges, applying mascara on shorter lashes, the right way to conceal dark circles and others in the mix.

6. Sunny’s Channel

Sunny does a lot of makeup tutorials, celebrity makeups, and reviews. She has videos in both English and Korean, so she can cater to a wider audience. She changes her hair colour quite often from strawberry to her current one – yellow blonde, so subscribe to her to keep up!


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