5 New K-beauty Products You’ll Want To Get

From cushion foundations to sleeping masks, Korea has given us some of the most exciting, innovative, and effective beauty products around. It’s because of their stellar track record that we’re always left daydreaming about what they’ll come up with next.

Here are five products we’re super excited about!

P.S Some of these are already available for purchase internationally – just click the title to be whisked away to the shop page!

1. Red Cushion, Medicube

Maybe you’ve seen the viral video of this cushion covering up a dappled quail’s egg until it resembles a perfectly smooth, even-toned chicken’s egg. If it can do that to an egg, imagine what it could do for your skin! Early reviewers who’ve already gotten their hands on this cushion praise it for wearing well and comfortably despite its high coverage.

Watch it in action:


2. Colour Lock Top Coat, A’pieu

These top coats are clear gels that seal in lip colour to make it perfectly transfer- and fade-proof. We’ve seen offerings from Western and Japanese brands before, but we’re still excited for this one from A’pieu because of their lower price point and effective products.

Watch it in action:


3. PHA Moisture Renewal Cream, COSRX

For those who want to try a chemical exfoliant, this is a fantastic place to start. PHA, or Polyhydroxy Acid, works like an Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA) – it dissolves dead skin cells to renew and smooth the skin surface. However, PHA molecules are larger and potentially less irritating than AHA, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin!

Watch it in action:


4. Customisable makeup palettes, Innisfree

There’s something so darn satisfying about custom-building your own makeup palette, no? Being able to pick the shades that you want and keeping them all neatly in a sleek palette is the ultimate makeup dream. Say goodbye to hitting pan on only 2 out of 8 eyeshadow shades in your palette! With Innisfree’s upcoming palette, you can choose your eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter, contour, and concealer in a range of shades and finishes. You can bet I’m putting my palette together as soon as they land.

Watch it in action:


5. Painting Face Masks, Tonymoly

This is multi-masking and skincare-tainment on a whole new level! These coloured leave-on masks will let you indulge your inner facepaint-loving child and target skincare concerns with extreme accuracy. Each shade treats a different concern – from oiliness to dryness – and can be mixed just like real shades to create your own custom colour and treatment!