5 Korean Beauty Expert-endorsed Makeup Secrets

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1.Hydrate skin with a sheet mask

Korean beauty expert Vivi Anh recommends massaging and placing warm hands over the face mask

Leave it on for about 10 minutes if you can.  You may lightly massage your skin after the mask is removed. Blot with tissue then pat skin with clean fingers till all of the mask liquid is absorbed into skin.

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“You can massage your face while the mask is on. Let the warmth of your hands improve absorption of the mask formula into your skin.”


“Don’t forget to apply primer under the eyes as it colour corrects and lightens dark circles.”


“When transferring cushion formula onto your puff, remember to press firmly into the middle of the sponge to obtain the right amount. Don’t use too much force!”


“Use the dark coloured shade in Laneige’s Eyebrow Cushion-cara to draw and define the shape of your brows. The lighter is shade is used to fill in.”


“After tight lining your eyes, brush with a dark shade of eyeshadow to set the liner and prevent smudging.”

“Remember to apply concealer or BB cushion over your lips to lighten the lip line so you can achieve the two-tone lip trend more effectively.”

“Don’t rub your lips together from left to right after applying lipstick. To better achieve the Korean two-tone effect, smack your lips together with an “umm pah” sound.

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