The Art of Multi-Masking Your Way To Fix All Your Skin Concerns

All areas on the surface or within our faces are not exactly the same. You might have an area dryer than the rest or a spot where the unflattering kind of shine comes through #oilyskingirlproblem. Like a person, everybody needs to be handled differently to suit their individual characteristics, same goes for the face. So here comes in the skincare trend – muti-masking. It does what it sounds like. Applying different types of masks, at once, targeted for different types of skin concerns. This way you can customise your masks to fix all your different skin problems.

Here’s the 411 on the what to put where ’em (of course each person is different, so feel free to move it around).


Concern: Oily skin

Our T-zone – forehead and nose, are areas where we are most oily and our Malaysian weather doesn’t help. Oily skin is natural although some of us have more shine than necessary. Having to oily skin means you tend to wash your face more, what you need is a little helping hand. Use face masks that not only helps to get rid of excess oil but also removes dead skin cells and dirt clogging the pores. Look for face masks that contain oil-absorbing ingredients like clay. They are good oil-absorbant that has anti-inflammatory properties. Apply to T-zone to keep shine at bay.

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Concern: Dry skin

Dry or dehydrated skin can make you flake, ruin your makeup application, and maybe experience some itchiness. Whilst daily moisturising is crucial, you may need a little more TLC by using a more concentrated moisturising product like a face mask. Packed with hydrating and nourishing properties, look for these key ingredients when picking your hydrating face mask – hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe vera, and coconut oil. These moisture-boosting ingredients will help to soothe the skin giving it the moisture and glow it deserves! Apply to cheeks and nose areas cos they are the most common spot for dry skin.

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Concern: Acne-prone skin

Having acne just takes us back to our pre-teen high school years and that’s something we don’t need! Facial acne is caused by the clogging of your sebaceous glands usually on those with active sebaceous glands or oily skin. Depending on your genetics, hormones, medications, physical contact or stress, some people rarely get them. To help reduce the appearance and perhaps prevent future unwelcome guests (ie: pimples), look for potent ingredients such as charcoal, clay and sulphur. Those properties can reduce the size, calm the existing spots, removes excess oil and dirt.

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Concern: Dull, tired skin

If you have a dull complexion where you look a sullen and tired than your skin is definitely screaming out Evanescence – Bring Me to Life song! Inject some life back into your face with face masks for glowing skin. It not only brightens up your complexion but you’ll feel fresh and moistured from it. Invest in a good overnight sleeping mask to wake up with that lit-from-withing glow. You can apply it to dark areas like the under eyes and upper lips, which are usually concerned areas.


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