Amazing Eyeliner Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Who says eyeliner can only be used on the eyes?

Makeup is fun because there’s product like the eyeliner, which is so versatile it can be used on almost every part of the face. So we’ve gathered a few hacks for you to push your eyeliner to its max, and the next time someone asks you, “If you can only take one makeup product to a deserted island, what would you choose?”make sure to say eyeliner”!


1. White widens and brightens your peepers



White eyeliner has more use to it than you’d think. Apply on your inner eye corners, brow bones and the centre of the lids as highlights, and we promise you’ll look bright and wide awake in seconds. A light sweep on the lower waterline will give an eye-enlarging effect too!


2. Use as base to intensify eyeshadow colour



Apply a generous amount of white eyeliner all over the lids as a base and your eyeshadow will look more vibrant than on its own. This little trick works as colour always look brighter on a white canvas.


3. Create fuller-looking lips



Other than the eyes, white eyeliner can be used on the face too, such as on your lips! Same theory as #1, the white acts as a highlight to make the lips look perkier. Simply apply on the centre of lips and blend with your finger; add gloss to maximise the effect.


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4. Ran out of eyeliner? Use mascara instead!



Mascara not only glamorises lashes, it can also double up as liquid eyeliner! Dip a small angled brush onto the mascara wand to grab some product, and then draw on your eyeliner as normal. When you’re done, don’t forget to brush mascara on your lashes too to complete the look!


5. Tightline your waterline for a fuller lash effect



Add ‘tightlining’ to your eyeliner routine as it helps complete the look and give the illusion of a fuller set of lashes. Hold your eyelid taut and gently fill in your waterline with a pencil or gel eyeliner when going for a light and natural ‘no-makeup makeup’ look. No one will be able to tell!



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