Why You Should Always Wash Your Bathtub After Using A Bath Bomb

Especially the glittery sort.

With the holiday season upon us, you can bet your bath products – from lotions to bath bombs to makeup and more – are taking a turn for the glittery and glam! But before you dive headfirst into your glitter heaven, a user on Reddit has put out a reminder for everyone to wash their bathtubs after using a glittery bath bomb.

Why? Glitter can cling to your bath tub instead of getting washed down the drain, resulting in situations like this:

Although hilarious at first glance – look how happy the cat looks and how much it looks like a galactic cat! – it quickly becomes apparent that this could end badly for the cat if it accidentally eats some of the glitter when grooming itself.

Thankfully, the cat’s owner notes that this particular glitter came from a Lush bath bomb, which is good news because Lush uses biodegradable glitter made out of starch (I know right, what magic!) so the kitty will be fine. If you’re using a bath bomb with plastic glitter however, you might want give your bathtub a good scrub down when you’re done.

Especially if you have furry pets with a penchant for rolling about in the tub.



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