Here’s Why Aesop’s In Two Minds is a Must for Combination Skin

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Aesop's in two minds range of products

Aesop’s In Two Minds is a new line of skincare that addresses the needs of a much-overlooked skin type: the temperamental, often irritating combination skin!

Creating a range of products for combination skin doesn’t seem like the huge breakthrough one would expect from a major skincare launch. However, Suzanne Santos, the brand’s Chief Customer Officer, tells us that there is an urgent demand for a range of products addressing this skin type. “More and more people are identifying with combination skin during the course of the whole year or during portions of the year when it’s annoying and they don’t know how to manage it.” Suzanne was recently in Hong Kong with journalists from Asia and Asia Pacific to reveal Aesop’s new In Two Minds range of skin care products.


aesop's in two minds suzanne santos

Aesop’s Chief Customer Officer, Suzanne Santos

Aesop’s In Two Minds consists of three products formulated for combination skin: cleanser, toner and, moisturiser (to see the range and its prices, click on the next page). The name of the line itself is tongue in cheek and witty and Suzanne goes on to explain how the range got its name, “We take what we do seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously,” she smiles. It’s the first time the brand has launched three products at once, she reveals, and the reason why the focus for this launch is on combination skin right now is simply because, there is a need for it: “There is a voice, we need to hear it, because it’s a global voice it’s not a regional voice,” she explains.

According to Suzanne, the most important step of the In Two Minds routine is cleansing, so a lot of attention was placed in formulating the cleanser. “Attention to cleansing would definitely be the focus. I would be asking myself, ‘Am I cleansing my face properly or not?  Some (beauty) products are really harsh and they may be one of the contributors to the amount of combination skin there is. Getting makeup off at the end of the day would be a positive direction to take.” she says. She also recommends that those with combination feel comfortable with using a toner. “The idea of unclogging your pores should be a key objective in trying to manage combination skin.”

Suzanne cautions against assuming that a moisturiser isn’t required if one has oily skin.  “You’ve got to let go of the idea that oils (that are produced on your face) are hydrating” she urges. She goes on to candidly say, “We don’t need a bucketload of moisturiser, that’s absolutely true, but we do need a thorough use of one which sits comfortably on the surface (of your skin) and doesn’t aggravate. Masking is good too for combination skin. Everything you can do to relinquish your pores from having to work excessively to keep clean is going to contribute to skin becoming more calm.”

Unfortunately, there is no cure for combination skin –  it’s something to be managed. However, Suzanne is heartening in her outlook on combination skin.   Those who had oily skin when they were younger and later developed combination skin should see it as a blessing, she says. “You want your sebaceous glands to work,” she stresses. “When you look in the mirror in 10 years, that will be a positive story.” The oily areas for those with combination skin will weather ageing better than those with dry skin, so that’s a good thing.

“It’s not meant to be a negative story, it’s just a story that annoys people,” says Suzanne, wryly. The good news is, that annoyance can now be managed with Aesop’s In Two Minds (available in all Aesop stores from this month onwards). As with all Aesop products, they smell heavenly and will impart that feel-good factor the moment you apply them on your face.

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