How To Achieve Bold Brows With The No Makeup-Makeup Look With Dior

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Step 1:

Lightly tint your lids with an apricot nude shade with the Metalizer Eyes & Lips n°528 Platine Fusion

Step 2:

Apply Metalizer Eyes & Lips n°678 Bronze Tension to the roots of your lashes to give just the right kind of intensity to the eyes whilst still keeping the look natural.

Step 3:

The star feature of the whole look is the brows. Accentuate them with DiorShow Brow Styler by drawing in ‘hairs’ but keep in mind to not fill it in too much. The ‘man brow’ as Peter calls it, has to look wild and ungroomed.

Finish it off with quick swipes up using a tinted gel brush, like Diorshow Bold Brow, to give it a natural untamed effect.   

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