8 Clever And Unexpected Ways To Use Your Face Serum

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We’d like to take this multi-purpose serum everywhere!


This moisturising and nutrient-rich serum literally boast up to a hundred different uses! We shorten the list to our eight fave (and unexpected) reasons why you shouldn’t miss out.

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  1. No more mistakes

Wet a cotton swab with the product and dab to remove eyeliner and mascara smudges. The gentle formula cleans makeup ‘accidents’ without irritating your skin or leaving behind an oily residue like some makeup removers out there.


  1. Shiny nails

Exfoliate and buff rough and peeling nail beds with a mixture of brown sugar, honey and a few drops of your favourite serum. Using only the tip of your index finger, apply gentle pressure on each nail for three seconds to help promote Qi circulation for shiny and supple fingertips!

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