7 V-day Essentials to Prep You for Date Night

The countdown to one the biggest date nights of the year begins – so get prepping!

Photography: Lancôme

You know Valentine’s Day is approaching when you start seeing red (or pink) everywhere you go – from the blooming business of scarlet bouquets and crimson dresses fronting shop display windows to fuchsia décor and V-day special menus at restaurants. That alone can be pretty overwhelming; hence, we reckon one week in advance is good enough to begin your beauty prep before the big date – lest you’re frantically trying to do it all at the 11th hour. So, quit procrastinating and start prepping to look your best!


Day 7: Hand Cream

The last thing you want is for your date to brush his hands against yours and feel something akin to sandpaper (eww!). Nourish your hands daily with this hand cream that’s enriched with organic shea butter and cherry blossom notes to leave skin feeling soft and subtly scented.

L’Occitane Cerisier Pastel Hand Cream 30ml, RM41

Day 6: Face Scrub

Look and feel extra fresh by exfoliating your complexion twice this week (today and one day before the date) with this antioxidant-infused scrub to remove dead skin cells and dislodge clogged pores so you’ll radiate a charming glow come 14th February!

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Invigorating Scrub 88ml, RM75

Day 5: Hair Mask

Shower your tresses with TLC with this colour-friendly hair mask that’ll breathe new life into your mane to give you lust-worthy locks with a glossy sheen and bounce. Tip: refrain from using any heated styling tools until the day to keep your hair healthy and happy.

Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Luster Lock 140ml, RM95

Day 4: Shop Lingerie

Avoid last-minute shopping that might stress you out (and potentially cause breakouts). To feel sexy on the inside, lacy lingerie will help! *wink*

H&M lace bra, RM79.90 and bikini briefs, RM34.90

Day 3: Lip Treatment

Besides hydrating yourself well and resisting the urge to peel any dry skin off your lips, you can also prep your puckers (for a passionate kiss) with this super-nourishing lip balm for a velvety-smooth and perfectly-plumped pout.

By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Care, RM219

Day 2: Scented Candles

Planning on inviting him over instead for a home-cooked meal? Keep your abode smelling like roses by lighting this scented candle. Headlined by damask rose, it also combines the notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, lychee and geranium for a naturally-fresh and romantic aroma.

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Scented Candle, RM295

Day 1: Spritz Perfume

Don’t forget this final step before you head out the door! Spritz this floral blend of Bulgarian rose, French clementine and ylang ylang Madagascar onto your pulse points (i.e. the nape of your neck, behind ears, collarbone, wrists and creases behind the knees) to allow the scent to seduce your man diffuse from your body.

Artistry Flora Chic EDP 50ml, RM351