7 Tips To Keep Your Makeup On All Day Long

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I don’t know about you, but few things irritate me more than seeing my makeup disappear in minutes after all the time I spent painstakingly putting it on in the morning. Unfortunately, our hot and humid Malaysian climate makes it all but certain that your makeup will melt off the moment you step foot outdoors!

Don’t worry, after many years of grappling with vanishing makeup, I’ve collected a decent arsenal of long-wearing makeup tips that help me get through the day with minimal mess and touch-ups. Here we go!

1. Give it time

While you should be wearing sunscreen everyday under your makeup, you shouldn’t try to put on your makeup immediately after your sunscreen. The residual oil from moisturiser or sunscreen can make makeup application patchy and slippery. Give your skincare a few minutes to dry down so your makeup adheres (anad lasts!) better.

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