7 Subtle Yet Stunning Nail Designs You Can Wear At Work

Plain or designed, there’s nothing quite like a beautifully done set of nails. We all adore creative and unique nail arts such as marble designs and 3D art, but most of them are often frowned upon in a professional setting.

Unless your job requires you to have clean, unpainted nails, there’s no reason why you have to skip a manicure altogether as long as the designs are in moderation. The first and perhaps most obvious option is to keep everything simple and subtle: think nude colours and French tip manicure styles that doesn’t attract attention from far. In fact, sheer or light pink shades are great choices as well that can really punch up your beauty look and still present as professional.

Depending on how strict your office rules are, there are so many ways to play around with the colours and arts to achieve a subtle yet not-so-basic design. Instead of cracking your head to come up with a creative look for your nails on your next manicure appointment, check out these nail inspirations that caught our eyes on Instagram.

Photo: @nail_bar_by_nadia

Now you see it, now you don’t. This neutral-coloured polish is the epitome of elegant and formal that matches well with business attires. The subtle line designs create a reflective effect that catches attention from a certain angle.

Photo: @prettylazynailstudio

Turn up a notch with French tip manicure with this glitter substitute that adds a touch of sparkle to the simple nudish-pink base.

Photo: @funnailstatyz

Depending on the colours you choose, ombre designs can look chic yet feminine. Stick to this light tone that fades to white at the tip for a more professional look or go for a darker tone to make them stand out if your office is more relaxed.

Photo: @polishbar.ca

This geometric abstract line art gives a pop to the nails without being too eye-catchy in a professional setting. The blacks and whites create a good contrast against the soft natural nude base that look subtly sophisticated.

Photo: @juliamurphree

Marble designs are absolutely flattering and stylish but can seem a bit too much when done in its common black, white and gold colours. Keep it zen with a neutral base and colourful marblings on the sides of the nails instead of the whole piece.

Photo: @betina_goldstein

Gold is always a go-to colour for a more elegant look and this mullet French tip (one side short and one side long) is a solid proof of how a touch of gold can elevate the nail look.

Photo: @vampclaws

Can’t decide on a colour? Try rainbow shades! Have the full rainbow spectrum on your nails with this holographic design that reflects light to show the seven colours without looking too bright or obvious.


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