6 Simple Eye Makeup Tricks for Asian Single Eyelids

Embrace your single eyelids with these easy tips and tricks!

monolid makeup tricks

It’s quite common as Asians to have single or mono eyelids and quite frankly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this unique feature. Put away your falsies and eyelid tapes because these simple makeup tips cater specially for the common problems faced by single eyelid women!


All About Shadow Primer for Eyes1. To prevent makeup from melting  

Most Asians tend to have oily lids and this could be the reason your eye makeup turns into an abstract painting after just two hours. The first thing you have to do is apply primer all over your lids.

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monolid makeup tricks - eyeshadow above liner 2




2. To make eyeliner last longer 

Use a light-coloured eyeshadow to help your eyeliner last longer, as it will absorb any oil that gets on your lids. Light colours will not ‘drown’ or make your eyes appear smaller as compared to dark colours. Remember to blend it from outside in.





3. Lining your eyes  

Problem: You’ve applied it two to three times and yet it still doesn’t look like you have any eyeliner on; OR you lined it so much, you look like a panda.

The trick is to actually dot above your lash line with your eyes opened and staring straight at the mirror. With this as a guideline, you can fill in the rest – this time with the eye you’re lining closed.

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Monolid makeup tricks - eyeliner 2


4. Getting the perfect eyeliner shape 

Rock all the winged or cat eye you want because they are perfect for your monolids! Be sure to use a gel or liquid eyeliner that’s waterproof to avoid smudging. This often happens when your freshly lined lids crease inwards when you open your eyes.

Alternatively, if using a pencil gives you better control of lining your eyes, then go ahead and use it. Just trace over it with a waterproof liner after.



  5. Contouring your eyes  

monolid makeup tricks - contouring

TRY: The Body Shop Smoky Brown Eye Palette, RM99

This can create the illusion of having deep-set and bigger eyes. First, sweep a nude or light shadow over your whole upper eye area till your brow bone. Then, gently pat in a medium shade of brown from your lash line up to ¾ of your lids. Finally, using a crease brush, apply a darker shadow on the outer corners of your eyes and blend inwards.


monolid makeup tricks - lower lash line 2



6. Highlighting your eyes  

Use a white or a neutral beige pencil to line the inner, lower rims of your waterline to make your eyes pop. If you’re feeling bold, try a coloured liner for a fun look!

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