6 Coloured Eyeliner Looks You Need To Try

Step away from your usual black liners and get a little bit colourful!

There’s more to eye makeup than just wearing the same ol’ basic black-and-white eyeliner. With these new coloured treats to play with, we think it’s about time we ladies experimented with hues for attention-grabbing eyes and fun!

1. Colour your cat eye

craftyladyabbyPhoto: craftyladyabby.com

Switch it up a bit from black with a fiery red and just colour it in!

2. Try an ombré look

thebeautydepartment.com-ombre-liner-1Photo: thebeautydepartment.com

If you’re looking for a fun-and-flirty look, going ombré is the way. You will need three eyeliners from the same colour family, and it doesn’t have to be just blue. Try blending from white to black, lavender to dark purple, or even light green to a darker shade – the choice is all yours! Just start from a lighter shade, then medium and darker shades. You can also use an angled-liner brush to blend it in line.

3. Go neon

totalbeautyPhoto: totalbeauty.com

Cos you can never go wrong with it! Get a little daring with electric hues and you just might be able to pull it off, but be sure to keep the rest of your face natural and let your eyes speak. Draw a thick line along your upper-lash lines and extend into the inner corners of your eyes and down to the lower lash lines to make them pop!

4. Do a double wing

Photo: Instagram @isastarmakeup

If one wing isn’t enough, how about adding a coloured wing on top of it? And this time, you don’t have to ditch your fave black liner; just add a striking coloured liner for contrast. Be sure to extend the second wing out just slightly so it doesn’t appear uneven.

5. Go bold with a cut-out

auroramakeupPhoto: Instgram @auroramakeup

Who said you can’t have a little fun and go all out with different colours on your upper lash lines? Add a bit of colour with a small cut-out and draw a double line. You can also add another colour to your bottom waterline for extra drama.

6. Tight-line your bottom lashes

weheartitPhoto: weheartit.com

So you want to look cheeky yet keep things simple? Wing your upper lash line with a black pencil or liquid eyeliner then line your bottom lashes with an unexpected colour, like turquoise. Simple yet striking!


Main photo: TPGImages