6 Makeup Items You Must Pack When Travelling for Gorgeous Selfies

Because you don’t have to bring EVERYTHING with you.

Packing is a pain. ‘Nuff said. But once you’re done racking your brains on the most stylish, comfortable and activity-appropriate clothing to bring for your trip, the next headache comes from what toiletries and makeup to pack.


Bringing your bulky makeup bag seems overwhelming. The good news is, you don’t have to bring every beauty product from A-Z to look good on your travels because what you REALLY need are these double-duty beauty agents!

1. Mascara – it also works as an eyeliner.

Instead of an eyeliner, what you’ll need to bring along instead to replace it is a flat slanted liner brush. Just sweep the brush along the mascara wand to get the product and apply over your lash lines as you usually would.

2. An earthy-toned eyeshadow palette/eye pencil – it’s brow-friendly.

Choose one between the two since they can work both ways: adding colour to your eyes and filling in your brows! Get the steps here!

TIP: A bronzer works as an eyeshadow and brow pencil too!

3. Loose powder – for your makeup as a whole, your lashes and your lips.

It sets your makeup and reduces shine, just as it should. Dusting it before you put mascara will make your lashes look thicker and, applying it before and after your lipstick will make the colour last longer. So much WIN!


4. Concealer – a primer stand-in.

With a tight travelling schedule, you can’t leave a primer behind BUT you don’t have to bring it along either because: concealer. Besides helping your eyeshadow stay in place, it can also make the colours more vivid.

TIP: If you want extra holding power, try dusting powder (luckily you’re already bringing #3) after applying the concealer and before the shadow.

5. Lipstick – a faux blusher.

A cream-based one is recommended. Get the directions for this beauty hack here.

TIP: A pink-tinted lipbalm works too! In addition, swipe a bit of the balm over your eyelids to give it a pink tint if you want to add colour to your eyes. Optional: finish off with eyeliner for definition. Alternatively, a transparent lipbalm can give your eyes a dewy appearance, making you look more awake.

6. BB Cream – foundation and sunscreen in one.

If you’re not planning to attend any glam or formal dinner parties, BB creams are the best for your everyday natural makeup look. Since they’re packed with SPF and provide coverage, you can save yourself some extra space in your makeup bag and extra time to get ready.


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