5 Tips to Achieve Flawless Skin

Striving for that all-natural glow but with little-to-no success? Try these five simple tips that’ll help you radiate from the inside out.

So you dream of having the perfect complexion, now do you? One without any blemishes, spots and scars? We hear you; it’s what everyone longs for! However, we also know how this can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re not consistent with your skincare routine and positive lifestyle habits. Therefore, to help you get back on track, we present these five tips (or shall we say ‘reminders’) that’ll turn around your bad-skin days and get you back on the fast lane to smooth and flawless skin.

1. It’s easy to forget putting on sunblock if your everyday routine consists of staying in front of the computer from 9 to 5. However, it’s important to apply broad-spectrum sun protection on your face no matter your activity to avoid getting pigmentation and activate premature ageing.

2. To conceal dark spots using only powder foundation, like Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation + Concealer SPF30/PA+++, make sure your skin is well-moisturised first to avoid cakey results. Build the foundation up a little at a time for the most natural finish.

3. Cleansing is important, but double-cleansing is the new way to start your skincare as it really helps gets rid of the grime and makeup. Use an oil-based cleanser to remove dirt from your pores, followed by a gentle cleanser. Rinse it off for a fresh, clean feel!

4. Exercise at least once a day to raise your heart rate and improve blood circulation. Increased blood flow helps nourish skin cells and detoxify the skin.

5. Getting enough sleep is crucial in maintaining good skin health. When you’re sleeping, your body takes this time to repair damaged cells and re-balance its hydration. Your skin also has the ability to recover moisture more quickly at this time. For better results, apply a sleeping mask to assist skin regeneration and wake up to a radiant complexion!