The 5 Things You Need To Do For Glowing Skin

No matter what your makeup style is, nearly everyone dreams of glowing skin. The secret? Health. Healthy skin glows. And health all boils down to the kind of lifestyle you lead.

Start by making these easy changes to your daily habits.

  1. Get sufficient sleep! Try to get at least six to eight hours of a night. A lack of sleep affects you in many ways – and shows on your skin. The human biorhythm has the highest cell regeneration at 11pm, so sleeping by then will result in healthier skin.
  2. Stress is your skin’s health biggest enemy. While stress is often unavoidable, you can learn ways to cope with it and reduce its negative effects on your body. Pick up meditation with an app like Headspace for instance. Emma Watson thinks it’s genius!
  3. One of the biggest contributors to a healthy, glowing complexion is good blood circulation. Blood brings oxygen to the face, which helps with cell turnover, skin regeneration, and all that good stuff. It’s easy to maintain good blood and lymphatic circulation – just exercise on the regular.
  4. Don’t neglect water! Drinking enough water a day is crucial not just for your skin, but for the rest of your body as well. The amount of water each person needs varies depending on your size, but you can’t go wrong with that standard of 8 glasses a day.
  5. Caring for your skin’s health is no different from caring for the rest of your body. So be diligent with your skincare! Always cleanse your face, moisturise, and apply sunscreen. To really up your glow game, look for products that contain ingredients to inhibit melanin synthesis and/or gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Here are our favourite brightening products: 

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