5 Annoying Things Contact Lens Wearers Can Relate To

To all of you who wear contact lens, put your hands up! We understand your problems and we’ve found a solution.

1. “How do you put them in?”

For first-time users, the struggle is real! When I first started wearing contacts, my mum had to help me put them in, and even the school nurse too… talk about #embarrassing. It took me quite a few months of prodding at my eyeballs in front of a mirror to figure it out.


2. When it dries up in your eyes

Have you ever accidentally fallen asleep with your contacts in, or noticed an irritating feeling building up in your eyes five hours into your office shift? I know I have. And I can tell you that it feels like having shards of glass wedged in front of your eyeballs. Eye drops help sometimes (when I actually remember to bring them along with me, that is!).


3. When they rip

Sometimes those fragile little things can’t live through too much wear and tear; a rub of the eye and you’ve suddenly got blurry vision again. To those of you who’ve gotten the one month’s supply, good luck. To those who’ve picked up the yearly disposable contact lenses, I feel sorry for you.


4. When you run out of contact lens solution

Ugh. Even worse when the nearest 7-Eleven doesn’t stock any and it’s the middle of the night.



5. When you’ve worn them for too long

I wear my lenses to work every day, and when I go out as well. Though optometrists advise that it should be removed after seven hours, I have to admit that I do cheat a little at times and keep them on for up to 12 or 13 hours. It’s not a good habit, but having to carry my glasses around with me all day and remember to remove my contact lenses is kind of annoying.


What if I told you that there’s a solution to these problems? And nope, it doesn’t involve any kind of surgery.

The 1-Day ACUVUE Define range of contact lenses are moisturising, durable and enhancing without looking artificial. They’re made of hydrogel, which is flexible and retains moisture for up to 20 hours. Each lens has three layers: sheer, translucent pigment sealed in between two clear soluble layers. The translucent shades come in five variants, including the BRAND NEW Radiant Charm (for the sophisticated city girl) and Radiant Bright (for the sweet girl-next-door). Instead of fully masking your iris, they brighten dark or dull-looking eyes whilst also complementing your iris’s natural pattern.


Brand ambassador Fiona Fussi models both new variants!

These lenses are meant to be used as dailies, so once they’re out of the packet, throw them away after use. If they rip, no problem. They’re only meant to be used once anyway. No fiddling around with contact lens solution and cases, yay!



Want to try them out for yourself? Get your box(es) at all authorised eye care practitioners (yup, they’re endorsed by medical professionals). Free trial lenses are also available; just ask your optometrist for help!

Prices (boxes of 30):

  • One box: RM172
  • Four boxes: RM615
  • Eight boxes: RM1,135

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