5 Scents That Will Make You Giddy Happy

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There, there. Put retail therapy to good use by purchasing these magical scents!

One should never underestimate the power of scent. Not only can it turn a man on or turn you off, it can also reduce anxiety and put a smile on your face! It’s true. Dr. Alan Hirsch from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation told ABC7Chicago.com, “Use your nose to make you happier. Smell odours that you like. If you like the smell, it will make you happier and bring a smile to your face.”

scents that make you happy

He’s not the only one who says this. A lot of research has shown that smell therapy works. For example, a particular study by www.OnePoll.com revealed that 92 per cent of women said smells make them happy as it evokes happy memories of their childhood. The effect apparently only worked in eight out of ten men.

While sniffing the scents you like will work, we rounded up a couple of others that can also give you an instant mood lift – unless you had a traumatic experience with lemons. 

Lemony scents


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As mentioned, lemons. Or actually, anything citrus-y – like oranges – have been known to perk people up while reducing anxiety. Also, a study from Le Moyne College found that people who wear a lemon scent are associated with femininity, cleanliness and pleasantness. Well, that’s one quick, easy way to make a good impression.

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