5 Night Time Habits That Wreak Havoc On Your Skin

Could your beauty slip-ups be right before you hit the snooze button?

Photo: Camilla Pihl

Photo: Camilla Pihl

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with the concept of having a basic but solid nightly skincare routine before you hit the sheets. But sometimes, even that just doesn’t seem to cut it. We picture ourselves waking up to a flawless, as-bright-as-my-future complexion but it just never happens, or it’s not quite there yet. Instead of seeing Pretty Woman in the mirror, it’s a little more like The Walking Dead. Well, news flash: it could be because of your daily night time habits.

You could be the type who practices an elaborate 20-step Korean skincare routine or perhaps you could binge-watch Game of Thrones and then slap on some moisturiser right after, and that works for you – but no matter what, if you’re guilty of these sneaky little habits, you might not be getting the most out of your skincare. Here’s what they are.

1. Slacking on your cleansing routine
Let’s get rid of the obvious: avoid knocking out with your makeup still on. With that out of the way, it’s also equally important to make sure you’re cleansing enough. That means swiping a toner pad across your face and seeing that there’s not a smidge of makeup left on it. Practice double-cleansing with either an oil or cleansing balm before going in with your everyday wash. If you’re really too tired, try micellar water and makeup wipes.

2. Using the wrong types of products
Is it really that crucial to switch up our nightly skincare with night-type products? Honestly, it is. The ultimate prime time to slather on products is as we’re catching our z’s since our skin is hardest at work in regenerating and healing during the night. Hence, we can get the most out of our night creams because they complement this natural process. Your daytime moisturiser with SPF? Don’t need it! Instead, toss in night-specific products that include ingredients like glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

Photo: Zulu & Zephyr

Photo: Zulu & Zephyr

3. Your hair is in the way
It might feel absolutely liberating to take a quick shower and then jump into bed with your hair loose and spread out, but that could also possibly lead to breakouts – especially if you haven’t just washed your tresses. Often, the pore-blogging ingredients in products combined with your hair’s natural oils can affect and irritate your skin as you sleep. If you can, wear your strands in a really loose ponytail, bun or braid before bed.

4. Not washing your washcloth and pillowcases enough
Imagine tossing, turning and constantly rubbing your face on the same towel and sheets for an average of eight hours a night every night – that’s a lot of skin contact for a long period of time. When you continuously wipe or lie down on the same pieces of cloth, you’re leaving whatever residue you’ve picked up and accumulating bacteria by the day which isn’t exactly doing your skin any favours. Aim to wash your towel and sheets at least twice or thrice a month to rid them of germs and oils.

5. Talking on the phone for hours on end
It’s perfectly fine to have phone dates with your LDR partner or bestie, but unfortunately, constantly pressing the phone against your face transfers and pushes bacteria into the skin. The result? You guessed it – cringe-worthy breakouts and acne. Either clean your phone’s screen regularly with antibacterial wipes or just use headphones.

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