This 5-Minute Mask Could Be The Skincare Solution For Lazy Girls

Fit for this generation’s on-the-go lifestyle!

Not everyone’s a skincare aficionado (I don’t know how many people would have the patience for my 9-step morning skincare routine), and it’s easy to see why long wait times and multi-step routines can be the last thing you want to deal with when you’re busy– or lazy!

Say goodbye to all that. Lancôme’s Énergie De Vie Scrub Mask is an illuminating and purifying exfoliating mask that will hydrate and gently yet effectively exfoliate at the same time.  And the best part? It works in just 5 minutes! With hydrating glycerin, jojoba pearls, lemon peel, and a unique fresh texture, this is 100% the mask for anyone who wants beautifully soft, glowing, clean skin without fuss!

Lancôme Énergie De Vie Scrub Mask

Here’s what our readers had to see when they tried it from themselves.

“I may not have been a fan of exfoliators before but this was certainly a game changer for me. After using it twice a week for a month, I’ve found myself loving my skin even more cos it hydrates so well and makes my skin feel very soft after each wash.” – Yvette Pang, 28, Accountant

“For someone who has oily skin and is prone to acne, this exfoliating mask is my holy grail. Not only does it smell amazing, it does a great job of removing dead skin cells. My pores were noticeably clearer and since then I haven’t had any issues with breakouts or extra redness.” – Zahan Izzati, 25, Software Engineer

Adapted from the print edition.