5 Major Skin Care Problems Asian Women Suffer From

Don’t worry; all is not lost.


Ladies, take note! Cos according to Shiseido Malaysia, these are the top five Asian skin concerns most of us suffer from (boo!). But don’t freak out just yet as we have tips on how to protect yourself!


1. Dark spots/freckles


Use gentle skin-brightening products from your early 20s. Avoid hydroquinone (a skin-bleaching formula; one of the most toxic ingredients still used in cosmetics)!



2. Lack of radiance


Exfoliate once or twice a week to gain a soft and luminous complexion. Don’t use harsh products that will strip away your natural skin lipids, causing skin dryness and redness.



3. Prone to sensitivity


We need to be careful with what products and treatments we use on our skin, which will not react well to harsh treatments such as peelings or chemical solutions.



4. Dehydration


This means we need more skin hydration, so it’ll be good to choose a moisturiser high in water-binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate from inside out.



5. Scarring easily


Don’t squeeze that pimple and poke at that acne! The bumps may be gone but the purplish scars still lingers. Use gentle products such as tea tree oil or Vitamin E to heal your scars.


Sources: Pictures: ingimages





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