5 Everyday Beauty Tips All Hijabis Need From Our Local Beauties!

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1. On Keeping Hair Fresh and Strong

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Underneath the layer of fabric lies a hijabi girl’s crowning glory, which can only be seen by her and those permitted (family, girlfriends and husband). Even with your hair covered, it doesn’t mean you must neglect to treat it right. Without the proper care, the next thing you know you’ll have dandruff, an oily or dry scalp, hair thinning or worse (and embarrassing) stinky hair. Yikes! So, how do you keep ‘em tresses fresh and vibrant when they’re covered most of the time?


Zamrina Zamrim (ZZ) says: “I shampoo my hair every night. After a shower, I prep my hair with my favourite hair oil, Quai Hair Oil, for a soft and healthy touch that doesn’t make my hair go frizzy the next day. Bonus, even my scarf will smell good!”


Ike Diana (ID) says: “Wet hair can cause your hair to smell and break easily so I make sure mine is 100-per-cent dry before putting on my hijab.”


Narisa Soraya (NS) says: “To avoid the nasty stench, air-drying your hair after every wash is the way to go! Also, apply hair serum to retain some moisture before wearing the hijab so your hair won’t be too dry throughout the day.”


Att Yusof (AY) says: “Sure blow-drying your hair saves a whole lot of your time, but if you can avoid it let it air-dry. Our hair has gone through so much with all the constant heat so give it a break once in a while. To keep my hair stronger and healthier I run a few drops of argan oil through my damp hair and voilá!”


Arinna Erin (AE) says: “With our sometimes unforgiving hot weather, having damp hair underneath your hijab is really uncomfortable. I make it a point to always, and I mean always, wash my hair. I’ll also make sure to put in hair serum to add back moisture.”

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