5 Everyday Beauty Tips All Hijabis Need From Our Local Beauties!

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If you’re a hijabi you’ll probably know the struggle is REAL when it comes to beauty care. That moment when you wash your hair but have to go for an impromptu outing with friends – hello stinky hair and itchy scalp! And let’s not get started on the makeup. Honestly, how many of your tudung have been stained with the ‘colours of your life’: your foundation, contour cream, blusher and even lipstick? If you’re a victim to these annoying situations, you can breathe a sigh of relief as we’ve gathered tips and tricks from these stylish hijab wearers: Marketing Executive Att Yusof, model and YouTuber Ike Diana, student Arinna Erin, public relations practitioner, model and stylist Narisa Soraya, and Youtuber Zamrina Zamrim!

Living a hectic lifestyle, these ladies are always on the go to events, meetings with clients, shoots and not to mention managing their thousands of followers on social media, whilst also balancing their daily job, studies and spending time with loved ones. We caught up with them to let us, and all of you, in on their beauty secrets to solve some of the common problems face by the everyday hijabi.

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