5 Breakthrough Beauty Innovations You Should Know About

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2. K-Bright from Korea

K-Bright is South Korea’s latest beauty technology brought into Thailand that freeze-dries natural ingredients until they are penetrated into the skin. Called Icy-Lock™, it uses the latest bio-science in Korea combined with the heritage of cold preservation. As active ingredients can deteriorate and become weak when exposed to air, light and moisture, Icy-Lock™ keeps them in their original state, full of freshness so that the potency is enhanced by up to three times. One of the key ingredients fused with the Icy-Lock™ technology is 35 percent pure Vitamin C which triples the brightening effect on the skin.

To preserve the active ingredients, Icy-Lock™ uses a three-step process; flash freezing right after harvesting at temperatures of -18°C to -50°C, slow drying where liquid is vaporised out for 24 to 60 hours to turn the pure actives into The Booster Pearl powder, and lastly, freshness-controlled packaging to seal ensure no moisture or air can seep through them.


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