4 Ways to Master Off-Duty Beauty

Less is really more when attempting the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.


How flawless is South Korean supermodel, Soo Joo Park? #Muse

South Korea’s popular ‘no-makeup’ makeup look has taken the (beauty) world by storm. From the streets of Seoul to backstage powder rooms where models arrive with bare-but-glowing faces, they make it look so effortless to achieve, but not without all the hard work they have already put in i.e. the famous 10-step skincare regimen. But beyond this meticulous routine, you’ll only need minimal makeup products to achieve their coveted complexions. Well, two to be exact from cult-status K-beauty brand, SON&PARK!


Photography: The Klog

For those unfamiliar with the brand, it was founded by two celebrity makeup artists, Park Tae Yun and Son Dae Sik, who have worked with tons of K-pop and K-drama stars. They’re highly sought after in the fashion industry, having done the covers of countless glossies, thus leading them to launch their own cosmetics line. According to this duo, you can easily attain the off-duty model look with these four steps:

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

Not everyone has the time (let alone patience) for a scrupulous skincare regimen, but the two key steps for a smooth, glowing complexion are to thoroughly cleanse and include a gentle scrub for your lips. To do the job in one step, Son and Park recommends their bestselling Beauty Water, a multipurpose product that tones, hydrates and swipes away impurities. When your skin looks good naked, rest assured your makeup will too!

Step 2: Prep with Extra Moisture

If your skin can’t even hold on to moisture, how do you expect it to get a good grip of makeup? For that dewy glow that off-duty beauties radiate, SON&PARK’s Beauty Gel (RM139) is essential prior to applying your primer or base as it gives your skin a boost of H20 while tightening your pores. Just apply a small amount of the liquid onto a few cotton pads and place them on your face. Wait for about one minute for the gel to dry before removing the cotton pads and applying your foundation.

Step 3: Set Your Canvas

Ace your base with a lightweight primer or foundation that conceals blemishes with a brightening effect, such as SON&PARK’s Skin Fit Foundation (RM129). It covers uneven texture and colour (the green core corrects any redness), and locks up moisture while absorbing excess oil; it also brightens dull skin and protects it from UV rays with SPF45.


Step 4: Highlight One or Two Features

Don’t highlight everything at one go. Instead, pick a few areas to subtly emphasise. What to look for: pearl-based ingredients that’ll help diffuse imperfections to create a brighter overall complexion, like SON&PARK’s Air Tint Lip Cube (RM59), which can also be applied on your cheeks and eyes. Bonus: the non-sticky and highly-pigmented colour creates three different effects depending on how you apply it:


  1. Matte. How to: spread the product onto face and lightly rub.
  2. Stain-like finish. How to: use the doe-foot applicator to tap the product onto your lips.
  3. Glossy. How to: with the same applicator, simply spread the colour evenly across the entire lips.

This double-duty formula is available in 11 intense shades!

SON&PARK is exclusively available at SASA stores nationwide.

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