4 Simple Steps To Heal Back Acne!

Photography: Shutterstock

Yes, you heard right! Just as you would get a facial to rejuvenate your face, spa and home products can give similar results for your back.

Did you know that bacne is different from face acne as the pores on the skin on your back and body are larger, and produce much more oil than those on the face? Add to this a congestion of dead skin cells due to inadequate cleaning and exfoliating, and bacne sufferers may experience larger nodule and cystic blemishes that are visually unattractive as well as painful and uncomfortable.

Here FEMALE reveals four easy steps to heal back acne!

Step 1: Use a gentle cleanser to avoid further skin irritation and dryness

Step 2: Loofahs, body brushes, and scrubs are a big no-no. Use a soft cloth or your hands to wash your back.

Step 3: Take a bath instead of a shower once a week, and use gentle body salts to loosen dead skin cells and heal inflamed acne.

Step 4: Wear loose cotton or silk clothing; stay away from tight-fitting outfits and rough fabrics that may aggravate your skin condition.

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