4 Other Useful Ways To Use Cleansing Oil

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Oil cleanser basically works to remove the bad oil from your skin with some good oil. Depending on the targeted skin concerns, the product is usually infused with a mixture of botanical oils such as olive, sunflower, grape seed, almond to name a few. How is oil cleanser better? Well, the oil in the cleanser helps to pull out those grimes on your skin from excess natural oil to makeup without clogging pores leaving you with clean, soft and hydrated skin. Besides being a great sport for double cleansing, this star product can be used multiple ways!

1. Skin Gritting

Take your pore cleansing to the next level by mixing cleansing oil with a clay mask. This hack is widely known amongst DIY beauty lovers because it helps to get rid of the gunk that’s stuck in your pores and you’ll be able to see the black residue on your hands– gross yet satisfying. Grits are the excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells on your face and appear dark due to oxidation. All you need to do is wash your face with cleansing oil, then apply the clay mask and wash your face again with the cleansing oil. The last step requires you to really massage the oil cleanser to get rid of those grits. Find out more about how to do it here.

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