4 Beauty Products To Steal From Your Boyfriend

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If you haven’t reached the point in your relationship where you’ve moved your entire skincare and beauty collection over to your boyfriend’s place, or if you’re both simply trying to save vanity space and money, why not share these products “for men”?

Men’s products are often a little cheaper than their female-targeted counterparts (and there’s even a name for this phenomenon – the pink tax), and they get the job done just as well! You wouldn’t expect that, but what do you know?

Here are four products that you should steal from (or share with) your man!


1. Hair/Eyebrow Wax

Confession: I haven’t bought eyebrow wax in months. I haven’t had to. Back when I hit pan on the brow wax of my trusty NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Palette, I didn’t want to purchase a new one while there was still plenty of the brow powder left. So I figured wax is wax, and filled up the pan with a dollop of my boyfriend’s hair wax! It’s the perfect eyebrow pomade.

It started out pretty opaque and goopy at first, but lo and behold, in a few days it solidified nicely into a proper translucent wax– almost identical to the Nyx wax before. Now I just pick up a little wax with a spoolie brush and comb it through my brows to add natural volume while holding my brows in place. It holds well without ever turning crunchy or shiny, and remains nicely malleable throughout the day. This is by far my favourite money-saving dupe ever.  

P.S. I imagine beard wax would work just as well.

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