3 Ways to Beat Skin Fatigue

Dull skin and dark spots are calls of help from your skin! Here are some tips to combat fatigued skin.

You can fight fatigue from a long day at work with exercise, sufficient sleep and an awfully good massage, but don’t forget about your body’s largest organ – that’s right, your skin. Skin is susceptible to fatigue as well, especially from the stress you face at work and environmental aggressors. Here are some ways you can help combat them.

skin fatigue

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Look at your skin

Your skin tells you when it’s experiencing fatigue – through dark, stubborn spots and darkened, dull skin. Look into a mirror under natural daylight. Sometimes, the call for help can be very subtle; look carefully so that you don’t miss them. Fatigued skin will experience slower metabolism and reduced cellular turnover.


Look at your diet

Your skin is what you eat. You need a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Here’s what you can start with: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries (berries are your skin’s BFF), fish with omega-3 fatty acids, watermelon, green vegetables, whole grains, walnuts, green tea and, of course, WATER. Lots of it.

Psst… Chocolate helps too! Just make sure it’s dark chocolate, which promotes blood flow and hydrates skin.


Look at your skincare

External care is just as important as internal care. Get a skincare regime that is created to target skin fatigue. The new Olay White Radiance Spot Line recently introduced its star product, the Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence Serum, which tackles dark spots and skin tone issues quickly. In fact, it delivers visible spot reduction in just one bottle!


Their secret? Groundbreaking discoveries in Cellular BioEnergetics and breakthrough ingredients. Olay came out of a 5-year global search of 1,000 compounds to find four ingredients that, when combined, energizes skin’s appearance to reduce dark spots and gives skin a radiant glow, even if you’ve experienced years of pigment damage.


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