3 Easy Facial Yoga Exercises For Anti Ageing And Youthful Skin

A light facial yoga exercise will help to smooth out those fine lines and to turn back the clock giving you a youthful, lifted complexion. Facial yoga promises to relax and tone muscles – while you may have to do ridiculous and exaggerated expressions along the way. Of course, these steps won’t totally result in an instant youthful skin but it prevents it from further sagging, it’ll definitely help you in the long run. We’re taking notes on the three easy to do facial exercises from Dior as part of their Dior Hydra Life skin beauty coaching to retain your youth.

1. Wow! Pushups

Relax your shoulders, keep your head up straight and say ‘wow!’. Make sure to exaggerate the pronunciation of the word. This technique allows the muscles around your mouth to stretch.

2. Plump Up Posture

Fill your mouth with air and move it around. Start by moving the air towards your left cheek and hold it for 5 seconds. Then transfer the air to the right of the cheek, followed by the upper lip and lower lip.

3. Detox posture

To purify your skin, help clear your mind and loosen up those tense shoulders this method can do the trick! Inhale with the right shoulder up towards the ear and exhale. With force, let your shoulders go down. Repeat on the left side. Now inhale with both shoulders up and exhale. Do this 5 times on each side and as well as for the combo.

Do these regularly for an effective result!

Check out the video below for some visual help:

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