2 Products You Need to Get a V-shaped Face

Trust us your beauty sleep just got a whole lot better!


Ever heard of the ‘golden hours’ of bedtime? That’s when our bodies are able to absorb active ingredients in our skincare most effectively, which is between 10pm and 3am. What if we told you that you can maximise those precious slumber moments and wake up to younger-looking skin and a perfectly sculpted V-shaped jawline like actress Song Hye Kyo? All you need are these two trusty products, courtesy of sleeping-mask expert, Laneige.


1. The Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, RM145

Clinical research shows that even one day of sleep debt puts you at risk of developing dark circles, a disrupted moisture balance and saggy skin while long-term sleep deprivation significantly accelerates ageing signs by increasing the appearance of wrinkles and decreasing skin firmness. With this in mind, Laneige upgrades its Firming Sleeping Pack to a Firming Sleeping Mask in its Time Freeze range. This anti-ageing mask works to combat modern sleep disruptors such as stress, insomnia, poor work-life balance and heavy smartphone usage by improving skin firmness, lifting facial contours and restoring skin elasticity overnight for a more youthful complexion come morning; how? With the help of these two new technologies:

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  • Dynamic Collagen_EX™ technology

It’s the world’s first collagen-reproduction technology that restores skin’s biological dynamic strength by decomposing old collagen and up-cycling it into new collagen chains with the help of a key ingredient, pinitol (methyl inositol). Extracted from the carob tree, it helps fortify skin’s resilience as well as the hyaluronic acid supporting layer.


  • Sleep-Tight™ technology

This complex provides an instant lifting effect with a mesh-structured shape memory formula that’s made up of two types of polymers. The first, a shape memory polymer, gets absorbed into skin for hydrating purposes. The other is a natural polymer obtained from oats that holds skin tightly to retain its firmness in the long haul. Together, they replenish skin with its former elastic elements to sustain a suppler and younger-looking appearance for longer.


2. The Face-fit Roller (sold separately), price unavailable

Supplementing the anti-ageing range is the Face-fit Roller, an innovative applicator that helps amplify and optimise the lifting effects of the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask (by up to two times) while lowering skin temperature, thanks to its fine platinum material. The asymmetrical, Y-shaped design can be used to sculpt the face into a sharp V shape by massaging the wide areas above the cheeks and along the jawline to a) improve skin texture, and b) prep skin before applying the sleeping mask.


How to use the Face-fit Roller:

  • After applying toner and emulsion/lotion to your skin, massage your face with the face roller for three minutes before using the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask
  • To massage the right side of your face, hold the face roller upright with the logo facing towards you. The longer side should be on your right. Hold it the other way round to massage the left side of your face
  • Don’t push the face roller from top to bottom. Instead, pull it from bottom to top to lift your face contours
  • Start from the chin and move your way up to your cheekbones and forehead, massaging in an upward direction for five to 10 times.

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