Dyeing Dos & Don’ts when Dyeing Your Own Hair

Never been able to nail your DIY hair colouring? You’re probably guilty of committing one (or more) of these mistakes!


Are you one of those #budgetbarbies who loves changing up your hair colour but your wallet doesn’t allow such high-maintenance tresses? While dyeing your hair at home is a more affordable alternative than going to the salon, it can be tricky to navigate the hues and processing time. To help ease your DIY troubles, we list down three common colouring mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Starting with the ends
Applying colour from the roots to ends may seem like the logical thing to do but it’s exactly the wrong approach. Spreading colour on the entire head will result in uneven application. For natural-looking colour, start applying the hair colour on the roots first, and then pull the colour through to the ends during the last five to 10 minutes of processing time.

2. Applying on wet hair
This is a huge no-no! It may come as a surprise to some, but applying hair dye onto wet hair can cause a lot of damage. Wet hair is more porous and more prone to breakage, so when the colour is applied, it can lead to split ends. Yikes!

3. Leaving colour on for too long
If you’ve always thought that leaving it on for longer than the recommended time would result in a brighter (or more lasting) finish, think again. Most DIY colours come with bleaching properties, so the longer it stays on your hair, it will continue being bleached, thus causing more damage.

Photo: ingimage

Photo: ingimage

But of course as much as you want to stay on-trend with the latest colours, your hair can take a turn for the worse with constant colouring, not to mention your wallet too may feel the pinch. Bigen’s Cream Color makes it easier to ace your DIY project at home!

Photo: Bigen Cream Colour, RM34.90

Photo: Bigen Cream Colour, RM34.90

1. No mess
With its two-chamber system, you don’t need to mix the dye and developer before applying it onto your hair. Just push one button and both the developer and colourant will come out together.

2. No waste
Is leftover hair colourant an issue with you? Thanks to Bigen’s innovative two-chamber design, you can save leftovers for future application. Even more wallet-friendly!


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