16 Travel Beauty Hacks to Help You on Your Next Trip!

From degreasing day-old roots to keeping lips soft and kissable (for free!), these tried-and-true beauty tricks will make sure you stay sane and sensational throughout your vacay.

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1. Smooth Chapped Lips With Sugar

Put a stop to peeling lips by gently exfoliating them with granulated sugar from those complimentary hotel sachets you pick up. You can even add it to your shower gel to get rid of scaly elbows and heels. Just remember to moisture afterwards!

2. Cool Puffy Eyes with Chilled Teaspoons

It sucks when you party all night but have to wake up early the next day with million dollars bags under your eyes. Yikes! Stash two teaspoons in the fridge before going to bed and place them over your eyes in the morning. the cool metal instantly treats puffy eyes for a fresh, well-rested look.

3. Apply Yogurt on Sunburn Skin

Spent too much time in the sun and now you’re two tones too red? Pop over to the nearest convenience store for a tub of unsweetened plain yogurt. Apply liberally on skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

4. Baby Powder is the Best Dry Shampoo

Forget Bulky canisters of dry shampoo – baby powder works wonders on greasy roots without breaking your budget. Fake freshly-washed hair by sprinkling directly on roots, massaging in and using your towel to ‘buff’ away any white patches. Best part they’re in-flight friendly and cheaper!

5. Use Conditioner Instead of Shaving Cream

Forgot to bring your shaving cream? Fret not; hotel conditioner is your next best thing. You even get to moisturise your legs while you’re at it. Just be more careful when shaving as the blade is closer to your skin.

6. Always Carry a Multi-purpose Balm

Now instead of just bringing your lip balm with you, think twice if the thought of putting it elsewhere grosses you out. Opt for a multi purpose balm (Read: vaseline) that soothes chapped lips, relieves insect bites, heal cuts and bruises, tames unruly brows, moistures dry cuticles and more!

7. Crushed Aspirin Soothes Pimples While You Sleep

Nip that annoying pimple in the bud before it emerges. Crush an aspirin tablet and mix it with water. Apply the paste on your zit and hit the sack. Aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties help heal redness and swelling.

8. Keep Bulky Products in Contact-Lens Cases

Don’t you hate it when your precious face cream gets stuck on the lid or worse spills in your luggage? Scoop a small amount out (with a spatula for hygiene purposes) into a contact-lens case. This saves luggage space as well as wastage. Clever!

9. Baby Wipes: Best Travel Partner – Ever!

Instead of hand sanitisers (which are drying due to the alcohol content), opt for baby wipes as they’re gentler on the skin. Always have a pack on hand to refresh skin in flight, wipe away sweat and grimes on your day out, and at the end of the day, clean off makeup when you’re dead tired.

10. Perfumed Body Lotion Does Double Duty

Don’t risk breaking your fave bottle of perfume, use a scented body lotion of the same fragrance instead. That way, your skin stays moisturised and you smell nice. Bonus: if you’re at the beach and body lotion contains shimmery bits. Hello glowing goddess!

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11. Prevent Oily Skin and Roots with Cold Water

After cleansing and shampooing, splash cold water onto your face and hair roots before drying off. This constricts blood vessels rapidly and ‘closes’ the pores so they’re less prone to overproduce sebum in hot weather.

12. Standout Lips Take You From Drab to Fab in 5 Seconds!

The weather’s so intense you can’t even bring yourself to doll up. Tuck your hair into a cap, slip on your shades (optional) and paint your lips in the brightest shade you can find…and you’re ready in record time!

13. Q-tips to the Rescue!

Beauty junkies, no matter how hard it is, leave your makeup brushes at home! Seriously, you don’t need to bring on your trip, it’s a waste of space. Your holiday makeup routine should be simple yet effective; Q-tips and your fingers make the best tools. Use the former for precise application and to fix mistakes, and your fingertips for blending.

14. Fix Cracked Nails with A Band-Aid

Broke a nail but don’t have a nail clipper? Prevent nail snagging (or worse, breaking further) by wrapping a Band-aid around the entire fingertip. Make sure it fits snugly to hold the cracked nails in place.

15. Remove Shine With Paper Towels

When the sun is high and your face is already showing signs of midday grease, trying to erase shine with pressed powder will only create nasty streaks. Blot with a paper towel instead. Yes, the type they you at cafés. Paper towels come in two layer, split the two and use one side. This will help to absorb the oil better.

16. De-frizz with Body Lotion

If your hair is acting up, distribute a tiny amount of body lotion on your palms and gently glide them across your hair’s surface, avoiding the scalp. the emollients in the lotion will help tame the frizz, stat. Use sparingly as it can create a greasy


This article was first published in FEMALE November 2015 by Michelle Tan


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