10 Weirdest Beauty Products

If you thought that snail secretion creams were bizarre, then you haven’t heard them all yet. The question is: would you dare try these odd treatments in the name of beauty?


Some of us can’t even stand the sight of worms, much less think of applying its excrements (wait, they poop?) on our face lines, but who knew it contains ‘magical’ properties that are said to reduce and reverse the ageing process? The product by Fresh Beauty Market, which was recently featured on the TV show The Doctors, can apparently even cure skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema!

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Turns out bee stings aren’t so bad after all – if you bottle its venom up into a face mask, that is. The ingredient has been dubbed as ‘Nature’s Botox’ for its immediate ability to lift, tighten and firm facial muscles! It must be legit though because Heaven by Deborah Mitchell’s bee venom mask is endorsed by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and was used by Duchess Kate Middleton to prep for her royal wedding!

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This anti-ageing treatment works in a similar manner as the effects of a snake bite – by literally freezing your facial muscles. The synthetic snake venom-based product, Syn-ake, is similar to Botox with the exception that you don’t have to inject it, and is said to smoothen wrinkles and fine lines. Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly clients of this product.

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It’s the manicure that would have probably been the most suitable for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations and this one is not synthetic at all. Created by Terri Silacci of Euphoria Lounge Nail Salon in California, it’s basically a gel manicure with naturally shed snakeskin encapsulated in between the base and topcoat. Talk about upcycling!

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The next time you get a ‘jackpot’ from a bird flying overhead, keep calm and think of its moisturising properties. Also known as the Geisha Facial, this unique treatment originates from Japan and is actually regularly used by both David and Victoria Beckham. But don’t think of trying it at home because the Nightingale bird droppings have to first be dried under UV lights and then mixed with rice bran and water before being turned into a mask-like substance. As gross as it sounds, it’s supposed to leave the skin smoother and glowing!

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No, that’s not a typo error for ‘public’ so yes, you can actually colour your hair down *there* in whatever colour you fancy (including hot pink)! Don’t laugh at Betty Beauty’s Pubic Hair Dye though, it’s award winning and had over 100,000 happy customers in less than a year in the UK. Oh, and it’s made with natural ingredients. That should convince you to try it.

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It’s a little too hard to believe but Wrangler’s new Smooth Legs skinny jeans from their Denim Spa range is apparently infused with retinol, algae extract and caffeine to help combat cellulite. And they know what they’re talking about because the jeans boasts a positive test result where 69 per cent of participants who wore them for eight hours a day, five days a week, over six weeks did see an improvement on their thighs’ appearance.

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Have you been trying every single conditioner and hair serum out there but still your locks don’t shine (bright like a diamond)? Maybe you need one that uses cow placenta in its ingredients. Companies that produce these hair conditioning products claim that it helps to restore life and luster to damaged strands. We think we’ll stick with olive oil.

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This is not just bull (pun intended), as it’s really offered at Hari’s Spa in London where customers have claimed that it “penetrates deeply into each follicle leaving hair supremely moisturizsd, nourished, shiny, thick, yet light, and vivacious.” Dubbed the ‘Viagra for hair’, the bull’s semen is mixed with the protein-rich plant Katera and doesn’t smell as it’s refrigerated before use.

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We would scream if even one just hooks onto our skin, but to think that you can actually visit a beauty clinic topay for these leeches be attached to our bare skin for around TWO hours is just plain ‘Final Destination’. But Demi Moore swore by this beauty treatment as an alternative means to detoxify blood as these blood suckers will release enzymes into your veins that can help improve blood circulation.

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