10 Vintage Beauty Regimes That May Shock You

Beauty didn’t only come at a price back then; they came with the creepiest treatments and products, and did we mention that they looked really painful too?

If you think that Kim K’s vampire facial and earthworm poop wrinkle cream are weird, let’s just say it could have been worse if you were living around Marilyn Monroe’s time. We’re not sure how effective these ‘vintage’ beauty regimes were but they certainly have us cringing at the sight of these images.

vintage beauty regimes1

If only Bobbi Brown lived in the ’30s, because back then, ‘freezing’ freckles off with carbon dioxide was quite popular although we doubt it was as rejuvenating as having a facial. During application, airtight plugs will be used to cover the eyes and nostrils will be filled in for protection. To breathe, they had to use a tube as pictured above.

vintage beauty regimes2

Speaking of facials, this creepy headdress was actually used to stimulate circulation; giving the skin a fresh look. Launched in 1940, users had to wear it, plug it in and switch it on to heat the face and head for that effect.

vintage beauty regimes3

Instead of slimming spas, the ’40s saw a slew of ‘slenderising salons’ and their type of ‘weight-loss treatments’ included full-body wraps to chairs that used metal rollers to massage legs.

vintage beauty regimes4

No pain, no gain. No stretching, no neck. With two bandages (one for the feet and one for the neck) that’s joined by a metal spring, planking exercises in the ’30s were probably very effective – for those who dared to try it.

vintage beauty regimes5

Sunnies weren’t always that glamourous. In fact, in the ’30s, they used to come with an in-built beak to protect your nose from getting sunburned.

vintage beauty regimes7

If you wanted a rosy complexion in the ’40s, you’d have opted for the Glamour Bonnet, which lowers the atmospheric pressure around the head to give you the same effect as taking a brisk walk in the mountains. Hiking was probably not as safe back then.

vintage beauty regimes8

Count your dimple blessings, people! Designed in 1936, people who wanted them would have to wear this product around the jaw while they sleep. It consisted of a spring with two tiny knobs that pressed into the cheeks. Ouch.

vintage beauty regimes9

Thank God for the person who invented curling tongs! Before the war, women would use this odd contraption made of dozens of heating tongs to get their hair set. And it would take hours. 

vintage beauty regimes10

Liposuction? Nope, in the ’30s, a suction machine was used to attain spot-free, smooth skin. It was made up of tiny glass nozzles attached to a rubber hose, and they were wired up to a vacuum pump. Not sure how effective this was in removing spots, though.

vintage beauty regimes6

Facial packs used to be really 3D-like. For example, this Max Factor face pack was studded with plastic ‘ice’ cubes which you’d have to fill with water and pop into the freezer before use. On the brighter side, at least it was reusable.


Source: Mail Online


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