10 Travel Hacks Every Beauty Addict Needs To Know

Make your next vacay hassle-free with these tried-and-true beauty tricks.


1. Smooth chapped lips with sugar

Gently exfoliate peeling lips with granulated sugar from those complimentary sachets you pick up. Bonus: add it to your shower gel to get rid of scaly elbows and heels!

2.Cool puffy eyes with chilled teaspoons

Need to wake up early the next day? Stash two teaspoons in the fridge before going to bed and place them over your eyes in the morning. The cool metal instantly treats puffy eyes!

3.No shaving cream? Use conditioner

Forgot your shaving cream? Hotel conditioners work just as well – plus, you get to moisturise your legs! Just be careful when shaving as the blade is closer to your skin.

4.Soothe sunburn with yogurt

Become two tones redder suddenly after some sun-time? Pop over to the nearest convenience store for a tub of unsweetened plain yogurt. Apply liberally on skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

5.Must-have: multi-purpose balm

Use for: chapped lips, insect bites, cuts and bruises, taming unruly brows, moisturising dry cuticles AND more! #onetubewonder

6.Calm zits with crushed aspirin

Got pimples? Crush an aspirin tablet, mix it with water to form a paste, and apply on the pimple before you sleep. Aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties help heal redness and swelling.

7.Your new beauty bag – contact-lens cases

Save luggage space and wastage by scooping small amounts of your favourite makeup in contact-lens cases. Voilà – no more luggage spills! #win

8.Q-tips to the rescue!

Leave those bulky makeup brushes at home. Cotton buds make handy makeup applicators and cleaners when you travel.

9.Fix cracked nails with a Band-Aid

Broke a nail but don’t have a clipper? Wrap a Band-Aid snugly around your fingertip. We know it’s not exactly pretty but trust us, further snagging and breaking is MUCH worse.

10.De-frizz with body lotion

Tame flyaway strands and frizz by smoothing a tiny amount of body lotion over hair’s surface, avoiding the scalp – you just saved yourself a bad-hair day!

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