10 Overnight Face Masks For Livelier, Bouncier Skin

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Getting that required 8 hours of sleep can be difficult, and the fewer sleep hours we get will result in a dull, puffy and tired complexion. But there’s no reason why your skin should suffer from it. Want the skin of your dreams? Honestly, we love anything that’ll give us the perfect skin and it doesn’t hurt that this one skincare step involves sleeping!

Sleeping masks or sleeping packs are highly popular in Asia, especially South Korea. Charlotte Cho of SokoGlam says, “Sleeping masks (also known as sleeping packs) are a great way to intensely hydrate your skin as you snooze the night away.”. When we sleep our body looses water and in turns results in dehydrated skin.

Sleeping face masks can help to retain the moisture throughout the night for a radiant, bouncy, softer and moisturised skin in the morning. You might think to apply an overnight cream is going to mess up your pillows but it won’t. Because you only need a 20 cent coin size, your skin will quickly absorb the products.

We’ve gathered ten of the best in the market below for you to take your pick!

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, RM150

This highly coveted light gel mask will help to hydrate your skin, getting rid of any dryness around the face and the chestnut and apricot extract helps to eliminate dullness. So getting the perfect rested complexion in the morning is no biggie!

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